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Related post: Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 15:45:51 -0800 (PST) From: Rey Boyd Subject: Rey and Rex Part 2"KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK"!The loud sound awoke us with our heartbeats pounding. Rex and I must have dozed off again after our sexual escapades."Rex I free russian sex chat told dark rompl you not to lock this rompl lol tgp door!" came Gwen's irritated voice from the other side. "Now russian female transition mtf you boys rompl baby finish up, dinner is russian gay gallery ready."Rex and I looked at each other relieved then we laughed nervously at the thought of almost being caught with our pants down."You staying for dinner?" Rex asked in a hopeful manner."Nah man, I better get back and start my report", I replied."Okay", Rex replied disappointedly, a frown forming on his cute little face."Hey, I will try to come back russian porn post thumbs sometime soon", I said knowing that it would be difficult to come up with a believable reason to come russian father inceste back to visit a 13-year-old.Over the next few days, I russian boy gallery completed my report. But my mind was rompl vombat so distracted. Even swim practice was russian links underground rape not as soothing as it once was. I couldn't think of anything but Rex and how passionate I felt that afternoon. I tried to imagine how it was that Rex seemed so experienced to be so young, olga rompl which led me to remember girl rompl my own past sexual russia rompl experiences. free romple I messed around with my best bud some starting in middle school and then continuing adult russian websites onto high school. But, we didn't do india rompl as many things as Rex and I did in that one afternoon. Other than my best bud, I had only messed around with one girl free russian brides pictures in high school one evening after a dance when she was tipsy and horny. Rex must have a bud he messes around with, I decided. Maybe his bud was more adventurous than mine, or maybe Rex was taken over by passion that afternoon just like kid rompl I was. lola rompl nude pics At any rate, I vombat zep rompl couldn't porn rompl get him out of my mind. I was falling for him fast and russian lesson sex I needed to see underground rompl him again."So rompl girls how did it go with Rex?" Gwen asked the next hot sexy russians time I saw her at work. "He's such a private person, I hope you were able to get him to answer your questions", she continued."Oh I got a lot nude baby rompl pics out of him", I replied. If naked old russian women she only knew how much I got out of him."Since you left the other russian hardcord littel girls day, Rex speaks of nothing else", Gwen said. "I've never seen him this images of russian dogs excited. He's really fond of you.""He's a really great kid, thank you for letting me meet with him", I said stupidly and nervously."Well, I'm not sure if you would be interested, but we are having a birthday party for Rex next week and I know it would mean a lot to him if you came. I know your schedule is busy with school, but if you want to come, we will be glad to have you.""Oh really? My birthday is next week too. What day is blond russian boys his?" I asked."His is the 9th, when is yours?""Mine is russian kiddy fuck also the 9th, I didn't know we had the same birthday. Well free naked russian pic when is his party? Mine will be Saturday, on the 9th.""Oh, his party is scheduled for Friday the 8th. We are going to grill out by the pool. russian mtv vj masha Please feel free to come and bring a friend russian babysitter if you want.""I would really like to come, thank you."So it was settled. My heart best pics rompl started beating faster knowing dates russian I was going to see him again. russian girl scat And we had the same birthday, how cool. And we had names with the same literal meaning. We were both Pisces. Surely these black rompl porn gallerys were all good signs.I finished the week at school and work and swim practice anxiously anticipating Friday. Friday arrived and I realized I had not yet bought Rex a present. russian cunt boy New shoes maybe? Nah, I didn't know his pretten russians size. Basketball! He loves basketball. I will get him a new ball, I decided. I bought he basketball divine cuties rompl and wrapped it poorly, no good at wrapping presents.I arrived to the same neat and clean brick house kids rompl pics I had been in almost a week before. There were not angry shouts this time, just a lot of laughing and excitement I could hear from the back yard. russian girl date I almost thought of leaving, because I felt weird about attending a rompl angel 13-year-olds party. But, as I turned to leave, Gwen opened the door."Rey! You sweet boy. Thank you for coming! Rex nude russian gymnast will be so glad to see you. Come in, come in! We have plenty of food."Gwen led me into the main of the house, which I was now familiar with. She led me to the back patio, where the party was russian naked russian petite on. She took the gift I brought and placed it on russian head cut off the gift table. Then, she busied herself serving me a plate of food as I took in the surroundings. There were about 12 boys, all around Rex's age running around and jumping in an out of the pool. Some were as tall as biz russian kid forum me, and russian rompl index some were short. Then I caught sight of Rex, and my heart skipped a beat. naked russians girls He was nudists in russian playing and laughing and having so much fun, I can't imagine anyone looking anymore beautiful than him art rompl kids at that moment. I was beginning to think it was a mistake, coming here. I should leave him to play with his buds and spend time with his family."Rey, dear, do you want slaw or not?" Gwen's voice interrupted my thoughts."Oh, yeh, sure, thank you", I replied.I was starving after russian girls very hot a long day illegal baby rompl of class and swimming practice, but at the moment baby rompl topsites I couldn't eat. I just watched Rex and how much fun he was having and it made me smile. I entertained thoughts of leaving again. Then our eyes met. We froze for a moment and stared at each other. Then, the biggest smile formed across his face and he ran rapidly towards me. I stood up, and russian kids pussy he hugged me so excitedly. Feeling his skin next to mine again reminded russians nude fucking me of the last afternoon we had together. He was only wearing a speedo, and I was in shorts and a t, but I could feel his warmth through it."Rey, I'm so glad you came!" he said excitedly. russian families nude "Come meet my buds."He introduced me to Jason, Scott, Chunky the fat kid, Chase, Mason, Avery the quiet kid, Jorge the Mexican kid, Demetrius the black kid, David the born again rompl ru rompl xxx Christian, Christian just named Christian, Andrew the smartass, and Jazz the trumpet player. Rex seemed so proud that I was there. He made me feel so comfortable.After dinner, the cake was devoured by all of us. Then the gifts came, and Rex got to mine last. He opened it and he loved it. It was exactly the ball he wanted."Let's go play with it", Rex said excitedly.We played horse, free rompl we played around the world, baby rompl art guestbook and all the boys marveled at my skill and envied Rex for having such a friend like me. One by one, the boys' parents maxwell rompl came to pick them up. The party wound down. It was left to me, Rex, his Mom russian puffy and his brother and sister."Can Rey stay over Mom? Pleeeeeease?" Rex begged."Well I'm sure Rey has a lot baby rompl pics porn of plans this weekend, it is his birthday too afterall" Gwen replied."Well, actually I am tired, I had a long day, I wouldn't mind staying if you don't mind", I responded."Well, yes, please stay if you would like, I can make up the couch" Gwen responded."NO NO, he can stay in my room" Rex pleaded."I can sleep anywhere" I responded. "I'm exhausted.""Okay then, well if you don't mind, you can stay in Rex' room. I will bring more pillows then", Gwen yawned.It was settled. As soon as Gwen left his room, Rex lola rompl grabbed and pushed me on the bed and kissed me so passionately it made my face flush. He stuck his tongue deep into my mouth and gave me the most loving kiss I have ever known. He kissed my ear, then licked down to my neck. cgi rompl lol He pulled my t off and kissed down to my chest. He licked each nipple and kissed down to my stomach. He licked my bellybutton as he pulled off my shorts and boxers. He licked my pubic area then grabbed my japan baby rompl ragging hardon with both of his hands. He licked down to my balls and licked rompl porn gallery and sucked them. It felt so good. Passion was taking me over again. I had thought about this moment for so long. He lifted my legs and pushed them over my head. Then he licked down to my hole kissing my cheeks and my crack on the way. He licked my hole and I thought I was going to cum lol rompl com illegal right then. But then he stuck his tongue in and rimed me, oh God it russian angel porn felt so good. Then he licked back up my balls, up russian women dating services the shaft of my dick and he took it all in his mouth. I was so turned on, I couldn't take it anymore. I came so quick, spirt after spirt of my cum filling his mouth. He swallowed every drop. Then came back up to lay with me after I was spent. I felt so good, feeling his skin russian boy nude next to mine again and russian gymnastics porn just after shooting a load. We lay there quietly for a minute, holding each other."Rub my feet please", Rex said as I started drifting off to sleep. "They hurt again.""What is russian porn thumbnails it with you and feet Rex?" I replied."They just hurt, rub them, okay?"I climbed on top of girls rompl Rex and kissed his russian modles lips. Tasting my cum still in his mouth. I kissed down his neck, his chest, his belly. I kissed the small batch of pubic russian nude girl pics hairs. top rompl lists russian boy porno Kissing down his thighs, his knees, his ankles. Then I rubbed his feet with my hands as russian porno angels I started to lick his toes. Sucking each one in, loving the way he tasted and he moaned. naked russian girl photos I slobbered all over his feet as I sucked them and rubbed them, then I came up and kissed him back up his legs. To his balls now, I sucked each one in, loving the way he tasted. I rubbed my renewed hardon on his feet, wet with my slobber, then I took his dick in my mouth. He tasted so good. Rubbing my dick on his feet and sucking on his dick, I couldn't last long. I came all over his feet as he 3d rompl squirted his cum in my mouth. I swallowed every bit and went back up to lye by him. He kissed me and shared his cum in my mouth rompl sex links and we both flushed with passion. Then russian mafia gangbang what he did surprised me. He pulled his feet up to his mouth and licked each one clean of cum. russian swingers He kissed me again and shared my family russian nudist cum with me. I felt so good and so spent. But it wasn't over."Can I fuck you?" Rex asked enthusiastically."Okay" I replied.He pushed me on my stomach and kissed down my back and down to my butt. He kissed each cheek then licked my hole, nudism sex russian mafia sticking his tongue deep inside. It felt so good I thought I would cum then. But then he stopped and came back up to kiss my neck as he inserted his dick head in me. It hurt for a second, then he stayed still and he kissed my ear as he eased more of his dick in me.He started pumping hard and it felt so good. rompl site list I loved the way he felt inside me. He cam quick, deep inside me I could feel his cum. He stayed in me for a few minutes lying on top of my back. Then he came up gay nude russian boys to snuggle with me. It felt so good, his warm skin. I felt like I was going to sleep, but then he licked down my back again and licked romple baby pics my hole ukraine rompl clean of his cum. He came back up and kissed me deep with it. We russian beutiful shared his sweet cum in my russian voyeur top100 mouth and kissed for what seemed an eternity. Then we fell fast and hard asleep in each other's arms.We were completely in love. There was no way to stop it.THE baby porn rompl END of Part 2.Let me know if you still like it at reynrex_16yahoo.comThank you for all the responses I have gotten from Part 1. I sexy rompl will respond to all of you and if you have russian pretten nude suggestions, I free hardcore russian babes will welcome them. real russian whores Yours, Rey.
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